Data protection

Protection of personal data in CIRCD

In CIRCD, we aim to contribute to the improvement of human communication and interaction in various settings. To do this, we study how humans interact. Therefore, our analyses are almost always based on authentic footage of different types of interaction. 

We are very grateful that people give us insight into their lives. However, it is always of the utmost importance that all our informants can feel safe and assured that their personal data are safe with us. Thus one of our top priorities is to conduct considerate and ethically responsible data collection and data protection. 

In 2016, new rules were adopted for the processing of personal data. This happened in the form of an EU regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. The regulation comes into force on May 25th 2018, and will fundamentally affect how both the private and the public sector handle personal data.

In CIRCD, we have taken serious actions to ensure that we meet these new and stricter regulations – preferably before they are put into force. Therefore, we have worked to further secure and optimize our data handling by creating and implementing new and stricter procedures for how different types of data are collected, transported, backed up, stored securely and anonymized.   

We are currently testing a range of software for anonymizing footage and photos. A few examples of work in progress can be seen on the photos below.