About the centre

We study communication and specialise in multimodal interaction in institutional settings. We have a dual interest in analysing and structuring human practices.

Our mission is to explore and develop human interaction by conducting basic research in a wide range of interactional settings and to produce research-based suggestions for improvement of interactional practices. We collaborate on interdisciplinary research and development projects with researchers from different fields, as well as with professional practitioners in private companies, public authorities, and non-governmental and multinational corporations.

Our vision is to contribute to increased effectiveness and efficiency in day-to-day organisational work, such as face-to-face and virtual teamwork, innovation processes and organisational trainee processes. We aim at empowering students, graduates and colleagues to develop spin-off projects and businesses.

Integrated center portfolio
Integrated center portfolio: Research (basic research, applied research, development projects); Teaching (bachelor, master, PhD, postdoc); Dissemination (expert interviews, collaborative projects involving external partners, training programmes and courses, books/articles); Busniess developement (students, candidates, professors, collaborative projects, spin-offs, spin outs)