CIRCD research

We study communication and specialise in multimodal interaction in institutional settings. We perform applied research and have a dual interest in analysing and improving human practices. In terms of applied theories, applied methods and data corpus, we focus on:

Applied theories

CIRCD conducts cross-disciplinary research, so that theories linked to the social sciences, as well as language study and organisational study, are applied. Below a number of the theories applied in the centre’s research are listed.

  • Globalisation theory
    • Sociology
    • Cultural studies
    • Cosmopolitanism

  • Language and pragmatics
    • Conversation analysis
    • Discourse analysis
    • Sociopragmatics

  • Organisation theory
    • Organisational design
    • Organisational management
    • Network analysis
    • Socialisation theory

Applied methods

Listed below is a selection of the methods we apply in our research. 

  •  Interaction studies
    • Conversation analysis
    • Ethnomethodology
    • Breaching experiments
    • Strategic ethnography

    • Video ethnography
  • Anthropological methods of research and data collection
    • Interviews
    • Focus group interviews
    • Documents
  • Social sciences
    • Shadowing
    • Surveys

Data corpus

CIRCD has developed a huge video/audio library of business meetings, video conferences, telephone conferences, split-screen meetings, innovation workshops, etc.

We supplement our studies of the primary interaction data with data elicited from focus groups, interviews and contextual enquiry.

The library is solely devoted to CIRCD research, since we have signed confidentiality agreements in order to be able to make the recordings. We do not share data across the centre and outside the centre, unless informants have agreed to this.