2 March 2017

Tanya Karoli Christensen

Tanya K. Christensen visits the German Bundeskriminalamt. The FBI and the German Bundeskriminalamt are at the forefront of combining linguistic and forensic annotations of criminal communication—such as threats and extortion letters—in electronic, easily searchable databases. As part of an ongoing effort to establish a similar, Danish database, Tanya Karoli Christensen has obtained an invitation from the Bundeskriminalamt in Wiesbaden to visit them in March and be introduced to forensic applications, annotation principles, and database management there. She will be accompanied by Danish handwriting experts from the Danish National Forensic Centre, who—among other things—work on cases concerning threats or other criminal documents that are handwritten. A general database would contain both handwritten material and the increasingly frequent digitally written messages, as found on social media or simply in print.