6 June 2014

Stream the conference "You lost me at Hello!"

Here you can stream the presentations from the conference "You lost me at Hello!"

Just press the links below.

Head of IT Strategy at Maersk Line IT, Peter Skyttegaard, talk about the need for virtual interaction on a global scale.

Professor Mie Femø Nielsen presented the paper "Når øjenkontakten mangler"

Master student Josefine Killian presented the paper "Asymmetri i videomødet påvirker hvad du ser, siger og gør"

Master Student Anne Katrine Juul Beck presented the paper "Når mødelederen bruger sit kropssprog til at styre samtalen"

Master students Anna Louise Hjorth Andersen og Amalie Malling Dahl Presented the paper "Den digitale arbejdsplads - fra fysisk til virtuelt" 

Sales Product Specialist at Cisco Systems, Christian Raahave, displays examples of the newest tecnologies. "From the Browser to the Boardroom"

Virtual speech coach Diane Windingland, who are experienced at working with coaching of TED.com speakers gave a presentation on  "Virtual Communication Skills - Bridging the Digital Divide"  

Q&A - You Lost Me @ Hello