22 June 2017

Seminar for master students about to write their master thesis

Monday 12 June 2017 from 8.00 – 16.00, CIRCD researchers Gitte Gravengaard  and Tanya Karoli Christensen conducted a seminar and workshop for master students about to write their master thesis.

The aim with this seminar is to support and inspire master students in their working process finishing their master thesis.

The topics of the seminar was:
• What is a master thesis? And what is a good master thesis?
• What is a good research question?
• How do you come from an idea to a research question?
• Brainstorm, mindmapping and fast writing
• How to choose and work with a supervisor
• Academic language
• The thesis as one argument
• What to include in the thesis – and where?
• Controlling and planning the writing process. Many students participated in the seminar.

The next seminar will be held in the beginning of December 2017 by Tanya Karoli Christensen and Simon Berring Lange.