8 November 2017

Presentations of master thesis from Communication and Media studies

We had asked former students to tell us about their thesis and the processes behind them. And they all answered these questions:
   • What did you investigate and analyse in your thesis?
   • What did you find out?
   • How can this new knowledge be used – and by whom?
The program contained a range of interesting topics, and all master students attending the seminar received great and varied inspiration and input for their own future master thesis.

   • Sine Hjuler and Anna Kragskov Larsen (Communication)
     People and authorities
     (Mennesker og myndighed)
   • Anne Helbo Ring-Alstrup (Media)
     Gyldendal and the Danish market for lear ning portals
     (Gyldendal og det danske marked forundervisningsportaler)
  • Sofie Vadstrup Harder (Communication)
     ”Give me work – then I work”. An example of applied discourse analysis
     ("Giv mig arbejde – så jeg arbejde". Et eksempel på anvendt diskursanalyse)

   • Maria Kolding Jensen (Media)
     Democratic debates on Facebook? An analysis of group discussions in digital publics
     (Demokratisk debat på Facebook? En analyse af gruppedebatter i digitale offentlig-     heder)

   • Emilia Cantoni (Communication)
     ’Hi, I’m calling from…’ A microanalytical study of telemarketing
     ('Hej, jeg ringer fra...'. En mikroanalytisk undersøgelse af telefonsalg)