28 May 2018

New paper on accomplishing leadership in virtual team meetings

Liv Otto Hassert from CIRCD and Lise Dahl Arvedsen from CBS presented their paper "Accomplishing leadership through possibilities and constraints of materiality in virtual team meetings" at the 3rd Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium (IPLS).

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The topic of the conference was "What leaders actually do" and the paper advocated that we can learn much about leadership practices by examining the actual interactions between leaders and teams. Some of the main conclusions were:

  • Leadership as influence is produced collectively in the mundane, virtual meeting interaction
  • Leader roles are shaped by the performance of situational identities with respect to: 1) Actions and 2) chair role/control of virtual tool
  • Control of virtual tools as a necessity and resource to do leadership in virtual situations
  • Active sharing of control of the virtual tool enables shared leadership