23 June 2017

GABC Conference, University of Antwerpen

On 21-24 of May 2017 Jeanette Landgrebe attended the GABC conference (Global Advances in Business and Communication) at University of Antwerpen. Jeanette participated in the panel “Digital and Global Business Communication”.
The topics of the panel touched upon different challenges and concerns in a global and ever increasing professional digitalized world. Jeanette’s contribution to the panel was on barriers and constraints in an online R&D setting in which the participants were to further develop on a concept to a new product.
The main points in Jeanette’s talk concerned the challenges in collaboration, where both digitalized documents and tangible objects play a part as the participants’ ongoing sense-making activity. Those challenges and they way they were dealt with by the participants were framed within a communication theoretical perspective involving 3 communication paradigms. 
Jeanette received many enquiries from other conference participants for further information on the three communication paradigms as well as positive commentaries on her academic approach to analyzing the R&D setting.
Attending the GABC conference also sparked off new network potential in Asia.