17 April 2018

From PhD-student to business owner: Signe Ørom at ”PhDs in Consultancy”

Signe Ørom from CIRCD and ConnectingCultures shared her experiences of starting her own business and becoming a sought-after consultant. During her presentation and workshop with a group of international PhD students Signe touched upon:

  • How she went from writing a PhD thesis on realism in Portuguese literature to improving the professional practices in companies such as Vestas, Lego and Novo Nordisk
  • How she overcame her initial doubts and took action to become an expert consultant
  • How to transform and develop your academic skills to be used in a business world
  • The hidden competence of being able to become an expert in a new area: Understanding challenges and finding solutions
  • How to put a price on the services that you provide as a consultant
  • Being a good salesperson is equally as important as being a good consultant
  • You don’t have so sacrifice free-time, family and friends to start up your own company