23 June 2017

Climax Day for Students and Practitioners

On May 31 Jeanette Landgrebe and Brian Due hosted a so-called Climax Day for students from the course Development and Design of Communication Solutions. 
Based on field work in the form of interviews, obsservations, video etnography, surveys and co-creation workshops in two distinct work place settings in two Danish municipalities, the students presented their final communication solutions to selected challenges in and around online citizen communication in the municipality of Copenhagen and the municipality of Jammerbugt.  

Project managers, team coordinators, practitioners and citizens from the two municipalities attended the Climax Day to gain new insights to their particular online work place challenges seen from the students’ points of views.

The students presented a diverse set of communication solutions, e.g. an app conceptualised to diminish social isolation amongst citizens; strategies for new local work procedures and knowledge sharing to boost practitioners’ online competences; and implementation and design of an information video and  practitioner workshops to further the online practices already carried out in the workplaces. 

The students presented their innovative solutions to their audience with great professionalism, and they received many positive remarks and comments from the audience.

The representatives from the municipalities expressed a joint and distinct satisfaction on the work accomplished and presented by the students, and kindly requested copies of all presentations for further inspiration and assistance to their online work practice development in the municipalities.