17 December 2018

CIRCD panel at NORDISCO 2018

The 5th Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction was held in Aarhus November 21-23 and had contributions from several key members of CIRCD.

During the conference Brian Lystgaard Due and Thomas L.W. Toft organized the panel “Technology mediated interaction at the workplace” with presentations on various research projects currently conducted at CIRCD. Simon Bierring Lange presented findings from his study on video mediated encounters, Mie Femø Nielsen and Ann Merrit Rikke Nielsen discussed trustworthiness in health care interaction, Jeanette Landgrebe showed examples of ICT-meetings where participants orient to virtual objects, Brian Lystgaard Due presented observations from his work on interaction with a telepresence robot, and Thomas L.W. Toft demonstrated how mutual orientation to computer screens is created in open office settings. Overall the panel received a lot of relevant questions, which strengthened the further work in the research projects.