4th Copenhagen Multimodality Day 2018

Christian Heath's keynote

Another wonderful Multimodality Day in Copenhagen is well done and approximately 60 participants are now spread across the world again. One intense day with high quality presentations and a very engaging keynote from Christian Heath, Professor in work, interaction and technology. Kings College London. The title of his presentation was: Competition, confidence and impression management: the interactional production of economic transactions.

Next Multimodality Day is 4 October 2019. Jürgen Streeck is the keynote speaker.

The one-day research seminar in 2018 attracted researchers who use video based methods and multimodal interaction analysis from across the world. 25 abstracts were received and blindly reviewed. In addition to the keynote 12 papers were presented during the day:

  • PIRKKO RAUDASKOSKI, Aalborg University
    Understanding traces from the past: An interdisciplinary researcher group visiting a Viking museum
  • KRISTIAN MORTENSEN & JOHANNES WAGNER, University of Southern Denmark
    Out of order. Negotiating passage in Denmark when the traffic lights are broken
    Following instructions from online video tutorials in practical tasks – Pauses, shifts to manual action, and re-starts
  • ELISABETH ANDERSEN et al., University of Southern Denmark
    Dealing with linguistic competence in the course of packing up a game
    Competition, confidence and impression management: the interactional production of economic transactions
  • JESSICA P. BELISLE HANSEN, University of Oslo
    Multimodal forms of address in video interpreted hospital interaction
  • CHRISTIAN GREIFFENHAGEN, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, STUART REEVES, University of Nottingham
    Noticing and Raising Troubles in a Performative Control Room
  • SAKARI ILOMÄKI, University of Tampere
    The overall structure of video-mediated home-care encounters
  • RACHAEL IRONSIDE, Robert Gordon University
    Did you feel that? Multimodal interactions and making sense of uncanny events
  • THOMAS LEHMAN WAABEN TOFT, University of Copenhagen
    Joining colleagues’ conversation at the coffee machine
  • JOAN PLOETTNER, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
    An approach to the analysis of the participation of video recorded material artefacts in professional development
  • SUNE VORK STEFFENSEN & SARAH BRO TRASMUNDI, University of Southern Denmark
    Cognitive Event Analysis: a method for studying cognitive processes in embodied, multimodal interaction
  • NILS KLOWAIT AND MARIA EROFEEVA, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
    The Multimodal Accomplishment of Body Control in a Cognitive Laboratory

Organizing and scientific committee

The Centre for Interaction Research and Communication Design is organizing the research seminar and the scientific committee consists of Brian L. Due, Martha Sif Karrebæk and Simon Bierring Lange.

The compulsory sushi for lunch at the 4th Multimodality Day