CANCELLED: AI in the wild: Interacting with social robots and conversational systems


This one-day seminar invites researches working with robotic conversational systems from an interactional and video-based perspective. These systems are expected to interact with humans in a natural and sociable way.

We will on this day specifically be focusing on new empirical settings, where these technologies are used and interacted with in natural situations; i.e. out of the experimental laboratory.

  • What is state-of-art in theory and findings?
  • What are researchers working with?
  • Which issues are to be dealt with from an ethnomethodological, conversation analytic and video ethnographic approach?
  • What are the new opportunities for collaboration?   

The day is organized on the outset of each researchers very short presentation. The rest of the day is based on data sessions and data session-like presentations.

When registering, participants should state they will bring data for data session or 20 min. presentations.  

Participation and catering during the day is free of charge. Evening dinner is on participants own expense.  

Participants should email Brian Due for registration.

NOTE!  The annual conference Multimodality Day is held on 2 October.