8th Copenhagen Multimodality Day

Multimodality Day is an annual research seminar held at the University of Copenhagen. The seminar aims to bring together researchers who study interaction from an ethnomethodological multimodal perspective. This seminar is founded and organized by Brian L. Due.

This one-day research seminar is being prepared and organized by the Centre for Interaction Research and Communication Design at the University of Copenhagen. Registration for the seminar will be done through a website that opens after the submission deadline.


Please register for the seminar and state whether you will be joining us for dinner.

Keynote speakers

Professor Leelo Keevallik, Linköping University

  • Abstract: Beyond sequentiality

    "The broad field of interaction analysis has traditionally relied on the understanding that participants act after each other, one at a time (Sacks et al. 1974), with regular exceptions such as terminal overlap or “early” responses (Depperman et al. 2021). Several studies have, however, pointed out methods for simultaneous participation in interaction (Sidnell, 2005; Meyer, 2010; Couper-Kuhlen & Pfänder, 2019), such as the distribution of multimodal resources across participants (Hofstetter & Keevallik 2023). These are understudied in a research context that emphasizes individualized contributions in talk (Bassetti & Liberman 2021). Time is thus ripe for more explorations on whether and how participants bring about simultaneities in interaction, especially what concerns resources beyond the verbal."


09:00-09:30 Coffee & Welcome 
09:30-10:30 Key note by Leelo Keevalik
Interacting with infants and toddlers
10:45-11:15 Multimodality and recipient design in multi-participation-status interaction.
Chiara Bassetti, University of Trento.
11:15-11:45 Some features of language socialisation in early interactions with infants.
Valentina Fantasia, Lund University.
11.45-12.15 Swedish toddlers’ use of turn-final gaze – a longitudinal study of child-parent interaction at ages 1-3.
Stina Andersson, Stockholm University.
12.15-13.15 Lunch
Simultaneity and temporality in interaction
13.15-13.45 The temporality of dyadic affiliations and exclusions in peer groups.
Magnus Karlsson, Göteborgs Universitet.
13.45-14.15 Revisiting simultaneity in interaction: The interactional organization of choral actions.
Mizuki Koda, Lorenza Mondada, Burak S. Tekin, University of Basel.
14.15-14.45 Sounding for oneself: Vocal resources for embodied risk management.
Laura Bang, Aalborg University.
14.45-15:15 Coffee break
Workplace interactions
15.15-15.45 Before-after images in cosmetic dentistry: What are they used for? Christian Greiffenhagen, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Magnus Hamann, Loughborough University, Bogdana Huma, University of Amsterdam, Liu Yani, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
15.45-16.15 Monitoring, noticings and instructional feedback during maritime desktop simulation.
William C. Gyldensten, University of South-Eastern Norway, Charlott Sellberg, University of Gothenburg, Camilla Wiig, University of South-Eastern Norway.
16.15-16:30 Short break
Interacting with animals
16.30-17.00 Meaning-making beyond the human: studying embodied resources in cat-human interactions.
Marlou Rasenberg, Max Planck Institute.
17.30-18.00 Dirt, plants, materials, and animals: processes of assembling and becoming.
Brian L. Due, University of Copenhagen.
19.00 Dinner downtown







The Centre for Interaction Research and Communication Design, University of Copenhagen, is organizing the research seminar and the scientific committee consists of Brian L. Due and an anonymous reviewer.

Any comments or questions can be addressed to Brian L. Due.