Resources - useful links for students:


Would you like to learn how to transcribe properly?
Try Schegloffs  transskriptionsmodul.

Would you like to study how to do CA yourself?
Check out Charles Antaki’s great introduction site, click here.
And pay close attention to his analysis site, click here.

Do you need software to do CA?

Amadeus II: software for transcription, measuring pauses etc.
QuickTime 7 Pro makes it easy to make movie clips, stills etc than the newer versions of QT.
Praat: Free software for prosodic analysis
Clan / Childes: software for transcription, coding and linking transcribe and video/audio.

How to use CLAN?
Check out this simple online guide, click here.

Need inspiration on how to carry out your own interaction analysis?
Link to a great example of do it yourself interaction analysis.

Would you like to join a professional network of CA-researchers?
Ethno/CA News is a resource site for conversation analysists.

Watch inspiring TEDx-videos: 
The science of analyzing conversations, second by second.

Other links:

Using video Ethnography?
Tools and tutorials for doing video ethnography.

Would you like to work smarter not harder?
Podcast with Mie Femø.

What does it look like, when scholars think they are funny? 
PhD Comics.