New books:
Kommunikation i Internationale Virksomheder

Volume 1 and 2 available at Samfundslitteratur.

What are the most important challenges for international organisations when it comes to communication and collaboration across the organisation? And what can be done to meet these challenges? Both the challenges as well as the solutions are discussed in two new books written and edited by students and researchers from CIRCD.

Employees in international organisations have to corporate across organisations, countries, professional backgrounds, cultures, and time zones while using many different kinds of media striving to meet organizational goals. These books focus on how employees can communicate in effective and efficient ways within this dynamic and complex context.

In particular we discuss a range of the most important aspects pertaining to intercultural communication and interaction in international organisations in order to help readers understand what could be the intention behind an utterance in a video conference or what could be the consequences of a particular sentence in an e-mail.

Editorial meeting. The CIRCD editorial team with the editor from Samfundslitteratur, Henrik Schjerning.

The point of departure for these two books is language research as well as interaction research. Thus the focus is on the everyday practice in international organisations as the interaction among employees have a huge effect on the success, development and growth of an international businesses.

The topics of these books stretches from business letters, e-mails, face-to-face meetings and video conferences over formal and informal interaction, teamwork, knowledge management, organizational routines and socialization to internal branding, innovation and change communication.

The books draw on the newest research as well as data collected by the writers from all over the world. The examples in the books are from countries as Argentina, Brasil, Denmark, Great Britain, India, China, Germany, Ghana, Japan, Russia, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, Hungary and USA.

The proposal for the books Kommunikation i Internationale Virksomheder volume 1 and 2 won the 2014 Samfundslitteratur textbook prize for best textbook idea of the yearRead more.


The target groups for these books are students interested in international business communication as well as practitioners working in international organisations.

Learn more about the books in this video:

Also several researchers from CIRCD have written articles and given interviews when the books were released August 2016. Read more.