International Corporate Communication - Interactional Perspectives on Interculturel Communication

Mie Femø Nielsen, Gitte Gravengaard, Brian Due, Ann Merrit Rikke Nielsen, Thomas L. W. Toft et al

The project ”International virksomhedskommunikation - interaktionelle perspektiver på interkulturelt samarbejde” (International Corporate Communication - Interactional Perspectives on Intercultural Communication) has won "Lærebogsprisen", Denmark’s most prestigious prize given to a non-fiction book.

The project evolved from a course concerning data collection in international business settings, via the tentative consideration of a textbook and the involvement of a number of elite students and a group of colleagues from five Danish universities, to writing a prize-winning synopsis which earned the author collective the "Lærebogsprisen".

The book investigates and analyses contemporary intercultural communication and interaction in international companies and organisations. It focuses on how internal collaboration among knowledge workers works across geography, culture and media.