Idea development and interaction in innovative teams

Brian Due, Mie Femø Nielsen and Lene Rimestad

The development of new ideas, new products, new processes and new ways of doing things is a core activity in many organisations. In this research project we investigate how this development of ideas, products and innovation processes is structured and constituted by the participants in multimodal interaction. Contrary to the main product/process approach in innovation studies, this research project uses ethnographic, semiotic, linguistic and sociological methods and theories, and is thus born to be interdisciplinary - but with strong emphasis on in-depth conversation analysis of talk-in-interaction. Data is collected in different settings within organisations. The primary goal is to investigate how and in what ways new things are constructed through participants’ use of different semiotic resources, such as the use of talk, gaze and embodied action in concert with each other. The aim of the research project is twofold: to develop a renewed understanding of the interactional dynamics in organisational life, with special emphasis on the creative acts, and to use and conceptualise this understanding into practical knowledge that can be folded back and used in organisational life.