Global Project Leadership

Liv Otto Hassert 

PhD Project with Mærsk Line IT (MLIT)

In this empirical PhD study, Liv Otto Hassert researches how leadership is performed and teamwork is created in global project teams. The aim of this case study of project teams and project managers in MLIT is to answer such questions as:

• How do project managers perform leadership in different ways?

• How is distance leadership performed?

• How are relations, teamwork and integration created in distance teams?

• How can proximity and trust be established in distance work?

• How do different team combinations influence the collaboration and leadership?

• Do team members engage in leadership activities (shared leadership), and how?

• How do company and team norms influence performance?

• Do the project managers facilitate employees’ self-leadership?

• What influence does a collective identity have on team performance?

• Does the project manager facilitate employees’ self-leadership?

These are some of the questions that Liv Otto Hassert is researching through an interactional study of project managers and teams in MLIT. From a humanities and organisational communications perspective, the study investigates the leadership of - and teamwork in - complex and global project teams.

The methods used in this study involve Conversation Analysis, grounded research and coding techniques, as well as social network analyses, and the research is primarily based on data collected within MLIT (interviews, observations and recordings, documents and surveys).