Global Interaction Design

Mie Femø Nielsen, Liv Otto Hassert and Anne-Sophie Kiilerich Andresen

In this project, we and the students on the International Business Communication course research how Mærsk Line IT can become a truly global organisation.

We investigate how the employees of MLIT communicate globally via ICT meetings, how their office facilities support this interaction, and whether it is possible to detach some of the work from the actual office. The goal of the project is to develop and deliver tangible and implementable suggestions for how to structure both offices and meeting rooms in a way that facilitates the required interaction, as well as delivering helpful interaction tools to be used in the meetings. We also seek to suggest how some of the workforce can work from home. To develop this, we will collect qualitative data such as semi-structured interviews and focus groups with the employees, and will also use different types of observation methods. Furthermore, we will record meetings and draw on Conversation Analysis to study ‘talk-in-interaction’ and suggest how to improve the use of ICT meetings. Also involved in the project are the students on the two courses “Procesledelse & Interaktion” (Process management & interaction) and “Professionel Interaktion” (Professional interaction).