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Project Organisation

The project is a collaborative and interdisciplinary research project between Brian Due and Ron Kupers. Simon Bierring Lange is employed as a research assistant on the project.

Furthermore, the research project is collaborating with two companies that will contribute with development and communication throughout the project: Nextwork A/S contributes with dissemination, PR, stakeholder management and facilitation of research seminars, and Jacob Funch (Jafu ApS) for digital innovation and counseling on technological aspects of the project.

Researchers on the project


Brian Due, PhD and assistant professor, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen

Brian Due is principal investigator (PI). He is associated with the Centre of Interaction Research and Communication Design (CIRCD). Brian studies interaction in different settings and situations within or in relation to organizations. His research area is primarily multimodal interaction in professional settings with special emphasis on the full semiotic ecology of different sign systems. An example is the use of talk and embodied action in a material and spatial environment. He teaches communication, organisation, conversation analytical methods and the philosophy of science.


Ron Kupers, PhD and professor, Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen

Ron is section leader of BRAINlab at Panum and studies cross-modal plasticity following the loss of a sensory input such as vision (blindness) or audition (deafness). He has worked on projects aiming to help blind and visually impaired people before, e.g. on a sensory substitution device coined the Tongue Display Unit (TDU) that converts visual images into electrotactile pulses applied to the tongue via a grid made out of tiny electrodes. The research demonstrated the presence of cross-modal plastic processes that enable the blind to "see" using the tongue as a portal to the visual cortex.

Simon Bierring Lange, MA and Research Assistant, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen

Simon is associated with Centre of Interaction Research and Communication Design. Simon has a background in linguistics, and has specialized in conversation and interaction analysis. Simon has taught at UCPH as a part time lecturer and worked at The Danish Language Council. Apart from his work on academic projects, Simon is director of the company Sprogzonen ApS, which works with disseminating research within linguistics and rhetorics for various target groups.

Jacob Funch, MA in Communication and IT and consultant on app development, Jafu ApS.

Jacob has broad experience from a range of innovative IT projects, both as a UX consultant and developer.