Communication Consultancy

The aim of this research project is to be able to answer these three research questions: 

  1. What is effective and efficient communication consultancy? 
  2. What does this look like in practice? That is: How do effective and efficient communication consultants behave and act in the professional practice in organisations.
  3. How do we educate and train students and newcomers to become effective and efficient communication consultants?

This research project gathers researchers from several universities, practitioners from a range of organisations and Communication students from all levels. Thus, this is a new way of  collaborating and creating knowledge compared to that what is usually seen in research. The aim is to integrate knowledge and experience form both the field of research and the field of practice and education.  

This autumn we conduct a large scale interview study, where we interview communication consultants and the people who hire them in order to grasp the perspectives, values and goals of both parties. Also we record (audio and video) the praxis of communication consultants in order to be able to point out at a detailed level how they act in their professional practice.