Business Meeting Interaction

Mie Femø Nielsen, Brian Due

In this research project, we study business meetings (especially team meetings, leadership meetings and department meetings). We aim at exploring the interactional order towards which meeting participants are oriented and co-create by means of their meeting contributions. One line of interest is how participants cooperate on social activities such as knowledge sharing, idea development, strategising and decision-making. Another line of interest is how meeting participants co-create leadership, collaboration, teamwork and organisational culture. A third line of interest is how institutional goals are promoted by means of business meetings, and how these may be achieved more effectively and efficiently by facilitating business meeting interaction and by developing new meeting formats, guidelines and tools. We use conversation analysis and video ethnography in order to perform microsociological analysis of video recordings of authentic business meetings. The analyses are based on empirical studies of seven datasets of business meetings in Denmark, India and the UK.