Boards and Surfaces in Professional Practice

The goal of this research project is to contribute with new concrete knowledge and inspiration on an overlooked, yet very relevant area: the use of boards and surfaces as a medium for communication and learning in professional practice.

The terms ‘boards ans surfaces' cover: canvas, flip charts, whiteboards, blackboards, emerging boards (for instance post-it), smart boards, tablets, bulletin boards, posters etc.

The project is a joint endeavour between researchers form CIRCD and students from the courses: 'Method Course on Communication and Media' and 'Communication Solutions Development and Design' UCPH.

The research questions are:

  • How do professionals use boards and surfaces as ressources and affordances for communication and learning in professional practice? And what reasons do the professionals give for this use?
  • How can professionals' use of boards and surfaces create more effective and effective practice supporting learning and innovation in professional practice?

The research design consists of video ethnography, ethnography, interviews, focus groups, breaching experiments, and surveys conducted in six different settings:

  • Public schools
  • High schools
  • Vocational training
  • Universities
  • Inside the meeting rooms (meetings, workshops)
  • Outside the meeting rooms (factories, manufacturing companies)

At the student conference “Boards and Surfaces”, students presented new ways of using boards and surfaces as media for communication and learning in educational settings, in business meetings and a range of other professional settings. Among the proposed solutions were covers for smart boards, a movable meeting room and a showroom with interactive walls and built-in wall drawers. After the conference several students have been contacted by interested participants.

Read more about what the students developed on their website LEARN:SCAPE (in Danish).