Pecha Kucha

Watching these Pecha Kucha presentations produced by CIRCD members will give you an insight into the varied fields of research we are engaged in in Centre for Interaction Research and Communication Design.
Pecha Kucha is a Japanese invention - 20 slides lasting 20 seconds each - now used all over the world in various creative settings. And in this setting it will provide you with information on some of the different research areas and research projects covered by CIRCD.

Open Office Design

Industrial PhD student Thomas L.W. Toft presents the challenges, solutions and potentials of open offices. The main focus is on unplanned interaction: How it is facilitated in open offices, and the factors that influence it.

Professionals’ video encounters

Professor Mie Femø Nielsen reports from the first 6 months of a 3-year project on professionals’ video mediated encounters. Video meetings are briefly introduced and some preliminary findings are presented

Socialising journalist trainees in the newsroom

Associate Professor Gitte Gravengaard describes a reearch project aimed at analysing socialisation process in the newsroom as journalist trainees are socialised into the professional practice. Both the theoretical framework and important findings will be presented