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Data sessions

At CIRCD we regularly host data sessions that are open to researchers and interested students.

The data sessions provide a forum for researchers and students who are interested in trying out new ideas for potential publications or showcase data sets and get qualified input to them. In order to receive announcements of upcoming events or if you want to bring data for analysis, please e-mail Simon Bierring Lange:

What is a data session at CIRCD?

A data session at CIRCD is a research activity adopted from the fields of conversation analysis and ethnometodology. The sessions at CIRCD are informal gatherings of researchers and students in order to analyse some recordings and transcripts of interaction. The goal of the activity is to mutually inspire each other and fine-tune the analytic vision of the participants. Normally, one member brings the data for the whole session which lasts two hours.

Everyone is welcome at the data sessions and we encourage anyone interested to join.