Courses offered by the centre

Researchers and teachers from CIRCD are very much involved in educating the new generation of communication students at UCPH. Below you see a list of all the courses we are involved in.

Classroom with students

Studying communication at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics gives students a broad theoretical knowledge as well as practical experiences with solving communicative problems. In all our courses, we have a strong link between theory and practice – both because of lectures from researchers and experienced practitioners, company visits, cases involving organisations outside the university and also because of actual collaborations with different organisations where the students are involved in problem solving concerning authentic and relevant communication issues. Therefore this education is ideal for students aiming at working professionally with communication after they graduate.

At the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, the communication education focuses on four specific areas within the very broad field of communication:

  • Communication in organisations
  • Public communication
  • Communication consulting
  • Personal communication

Read more about the Communication education (in Danish on UCPH intranet). A general introduction is also available in this brochure (in Danish).

List of courses

  • Trends in Communication Theory and Practice
  • Method Course on Communication and Culture
  • Social Media in Strategic Communication
  • Innovation and Creative Communication Solutions
  • Oral communication in Organisations
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Communication and culture in International Organisations
  • Leadership Communication and Organisational Theory
  • Process Facilitation and Interaction
  • Communication Consulting with Internship
  • Fact Writing and Speaking
  • Strategic Communication
  • News journalism in Theory and Praxis
  • The Methods of Communication Research
    • How to write an academic paper
    • How to write your master thesis
  • Forensic Linguistics. Language as Evidence

You can read much more about the courses on

For master students interested in writing their master thesis within the area of communication we provide knowledge and inspiration here.