Do you want to learn more about the different research areas covered by CIRCD? And would you like to know, how these results can improve professional practice?
On our new YouTube channel: CIRCD Talks, we present our recent research results in short 5 minute videos where we describe the research projects, our findings – and what these results can be used for in the professional practice in organisations.

The content of the videos varies thematically to cover the many different scientific fields that CIRCD treats.

Health Communication and Behavior Change 

Rikke Nielsen on vulnerable citizens' relationship to food, health, diet, pleasure and identity.

Identity work in practice

Jeanette Landgrebe on how the construction of identity affects social interaction

Tips for better video conferences

Simon Bierring Lange on how to create good meetings via video conference

Optimising internship periods

Gitte Gravengaard on how to optimise internship periods in organisations

Office Design and Employees´ Behaviour

Thomas L.W. Toft on 'Office Design and Employee's Behavior' (in Danish)