Impact and Outreach

It is vital for us at CIRCD to make an impact. The ideal is that profound basic research can eventually lead to better practices for everyone. This may take time, which is core to the process of basic research. However, in many smaller projects we take care to use our research to produce results that are practically relevant and immediately applicable for collaborating partners. Here is a sample of responses to our results and outcomes from a number of our partners and affiliates.

Engaging communication for Museum West Zeeland developed by our students

With a fusion of 11 unique museum locations and the purpose of being the shared memory of West Zeeland, it is a task for Museum West Zeeland to prioritize, develop and maintain its touch points across social media. This includes how to strategize the communication as a shared storytelling, addressing different target groups and users – a challenge of today, shared by many organizations alike.  In a fruitful collaboration, this provided the case for the course “Social Media in Strategic Communication” in Spring 2019.

34 students worked in teams with the social media communication of Museum West Zeeland in this candidate course, designed and taught by external lecturer Marta Karolina Olsen. As part of the course design, several experts from the industry gave guest lectures on specific topics. At the finale day May 27th, hosted at the picturesque Holbæk Museum, the students presented user and brand analysis, social media strategies, concepts, campaign ideas and content for the museum’s communication on Instagram, Facebook and around the museum’s historical podcast. This was followed by oral exams at Copenhagen University.

The museum now looks into how work of the students can be implemented in a near future, and the collaboration around the course has created internships for students too. Look out for the hashtags #KUsamarbejde plus #KUsocialmediestrategi and the social media communication by Museum West Zealand to know the next chapter of the story.

You may also read the Museum’s article in Danish about the collaboration here

Communication strategy for Copenhagen municipality's Pride efforts

On December 4th 2018, a semester of theoretical and practical work culminated with a presentation for the City of Copenhagen. Pernille Mølgaard Toft from the Finance Administration had generously provided the case “The City of Copenhagen towards the World Pride in 2021 “ for Anders Ferdal and Katrine Thielke’s course ‘Strategic Communication’.

The students attending this course had created vox pops, workshops, analyzed background material and worked within the fields of branding, PR, communication strategy, social media, campaigns etc. The result was an ambitious communication strategy and a great idea catalogue that the City of Copenhagen can use for their next Pride campaign.

The work was presented at the City Hall of Copenhagen and the session ended with a treat of the famous City Hall pancakes and a wonderful tour of the historic building.

Branding organizations with a purpose through social media

"The quality of the students’ pitches match the high level we are often presented for by professional advisors and agencies" This was one of the positive responses from the case organizations at the finale of the Fall 2017 course 'Social Media in Strategic Communication', where around 40 Master students successfully helped two NGO's develop strategies and communication to strengthen their brands, communication and impact towards a complex set of stakeholders.

The two organizations Danner – the leading Danish help organization and refuge for violated women – and Grant Compass – the unique online tool for navigating the world of funding and grants – both have a declared purpose to improve the life of others and to contribute to society. In a communication system changed by social media, it is inevitably important to strengthen brands like these through the use of social media.

The course was developed and taught by external lecturer and specialist in branding, strategic communication, digital and social media, Marta Karolina Olsen, in collaboration with the case organizations and with leading industry experts as guest contributors. The course will be on the program again in the Spring of 2019.  (Photo: From the final pitch presentations by the students at the Danner House).

Improving IBM communication in global contexts

Students from the fall 2016 class adviced a group of IBM managers. The students’ advice were grounded in their data collection at a couple of IBM locations and their subsequent development of communication solutions. Their work was a part of the master level course “Communication in global contexts”, taught by Brian Due and Mie Femø Nielsen, who also coordinated the collaboration with IBM. The response from the IBM managers was enthusiastic: "You nailed it!", "Fantastic work", "Mega awesome", "Incredibly awesome findings", "Totally spot on recommendations", "You are absolutely right", "I am sitting here with wonder and respect", "Feeds right into the development work we are doing for the moment", "Your findings are right on target”.

Social Media in Strategic Communication for an NGO

The enthusiasm of "Dyrenes Beskyttelse" was great, when 70 students in the course "Social Media in Strategic Communication" pitched their ideas and solutions within branding, crisis management and campaigns for the NGO. It was a huge benefit for the students to work with the real-world hallenges of the organisation, that provided feedback for each presented solution. The NGO, on the other hand, got inspiration to work with from the perspective of a young target group.

Danish media organisations

Based on a research project on how journalist interns are socialised into the professional culture in the newsroom and how to create more efficient and effective internship periods, researchers from CIRCD facilitate workshops with experienced practitioners from Danish media organisations.

Internships in a variety of organisations

Every year, our communication students conduct internship periods at a variety of Danish organisations. Here they work with a range of different communication issues in a professional practice – in small and large organisations and in both the private and the public sector. Thereby the students become able to link theory and practice. Read more about internship periods (In Danish).

Helsingør Dagblad

Students from the course ‘Fact Writing and Speaking’ were asked to help a regional Danish newspaper, Helsingør Dagblad, to raise their share of young readers. Campaigns including the local turist attractions, local theatres and sports facilities, Instagram, Facebook, direct mail and a range of other things were designed, and the editor-in-chief went home with many new ideas and input (2015).

You lost me at hello

Conference at UCPH arranged by students at the International Business Communication Course - in collaboration with Mærsk Line, For bundet Kommunikation og Sprog, UCPH and CIRCD. The conference theme is virtual interaction and video mediated interaction at the workplace. See conference stream.

Mærsk Line IT

"Solid work" was the reaction from a manager at  Mærsk Line IT, when a group of master’s students from the IBC course delivered their "Recommendations for office facilities and human interaction design at OCIO, MLIT" (2014).

Mærsk Line IT

A number of students worked on a case in collaboration with  Mærsk Line.

The headline is: "The consultancy of humanities students changes the communication in  Mærsk Line IT" (2013).

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Danish Industry

An employee at the Confederation of Danish Industry: "What the students have delivered here is FULLY equal to what professional bureaux are doing for us, and we pay BIG BUCKS for this type of assignment" (2012).


Danfoss employee: "I keep clapping my hands above my head, and I can't stop smiling. What you have delivered is spot-on and really, really useful for us" (2010).

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