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CIRCD Research Projects

  • Professionals´use of video meetings
    Mie Femø Nielsen, Brian Due, Bergur Rønne Moberg, David Morris, Rikke Nielsen og Simon Bierring Lange
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  • Enhancing spatial navigation in blind and visually impaired individuals using computer vision
    Brian Due and Simon Bierring Lange
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  • International Business Communication
    Mie Femø Nielsen
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  • Social Office Design
    Thomas L.W.Toft
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  • Interns in Communication
    Gitte Gravengaard
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  • Research network: Forensic Linguistics in Denmark and the US
    Tanya Karoli Christensen
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  • Boards and Surfaces in Professional Practice
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  • Google Glass Project
    Brian Due
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  • Socialising Journalist Interns 
    Gitte Gravengaard and Lene Rimestad
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  • Business Meeting Interaction
    Mie Femø Nielsen and Brian Due
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  • Facilitation and orchestration of talk
    Mie Femø Nielsen and Sofie Emmertsen
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  • Communicated Leadership 
    Mie Femø Nielsen and Morten Sloth
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  • Global Interaction Design
    Mie Femø Nielsen, Liv Otto Hassert and Anne-Sophie Kiilerich Andresen
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  • Video Mediated Interaction in Public Healthcare and International Corporations
    Mie Femø Nielsen, Brian Due, Gitte Gravengaard, Juni Arnfast and Bergur Rønne Moberg
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  • Idea development and interaction in innovative teams 
    Brian Due, Mie Femø Nielsen and Lene Rimestad
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  • Global Project Leadership
    Liv Otto Hassert 
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  • Place as Battlefield
    Bergur Rønne Moberg
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